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The New Way To Work

SHIFTED connects opportunities in the hospitality industry with skilled labour whenever and wherever its needed. Looking for work? Find it here.

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Create a profile for your face

Can you shuck oysters while tending to the bar? Toss bottles in the air while slicing charcuterie? Sell yourself to opportunities in your area or across the country! Don't be shy, this is your chance!

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Take A Shift from those that need your help

Use your profile to apply for open shifts wherever you are! Want to travel the across the country and work along the way to pay for the trip? No problem. Looking for extra cash? Find it here.

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Pay up sucker! No monopoly money here!

After your shift is completed, the agreed upon wage will be deposited into your account. Still want to work? Find another shift. It's that easy!

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Am I an employee?

No. You are a freelance independent contractor servicing the hospitality industry. Use your skills to create a profile, pick up Shifts and get paid today.

Get paid today?

Yes. When take a shift on Shifted, you get paid as soon as the shift is over.  Want to get paid more? Increase your rating by working more shifts, excelling at your craft and become the most saught after talent in the industry!

How can my rating impact my wage?

Simple.  The higher your rating, the more you can demand in wage.  If you're the top bartender in the country, everyone wants your cocktails! Ever seen what happens when the dishwasher walks out? Be the best dishwasher you can be and you'll never be far from getting paid!

So how do you make money?

Shifted takes a service fee per shift placement.  Consider it a thank you for getting you paid. It's only 5% of the total wage and we think that's fair!

What happens if something comes up and I can't make my Shift?

Apologetically inform the restaurant as soon as possible. Your Shift will be cancelled and you will not be able to apply for another Shift in that same time period.

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Post a shift to the internet

Own multiple locations? Need someone with specialized experience? No problem. You’ll be able to easily add multiple locations and quickly post for various needs, even if you need a bartender that can toss bottles while shucking oysters.

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Give A Shift to somebody that is looking for work

Lost a dishwasher? No problem. Full house Friday night? Hire a bartender to help your service team.

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Pay for that labour on your credit card

Earn those super valuable points by paying for labour on your credit card and redeem them for that Rolex you've always wanted!

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What happens if my Shifter doesn't show up without notice?

This is a reality and you might have to wash some dishes yourself but rest assured, that user won't be allowed back on the system. We're really sorry if this happens! Try to only give a shift to qualified users with good ratings and the odds are in your favour.

Shifters can see my ratings as a restaurant?

Yes. This should make your establishment's Shifts appealing and will hold you accountable to running a good business. If you don't like this, we don't want you here. Transparency is important to us so do yourself a favour and be kind to your team.

What happens if my team starts to pick up Shifts elsewhere?

This is likely already happening and is certainly more of a reality if your team has a reason to look elsewhere. But you never know, maybe someone better is out there looking to take their place.

How do we deal with tips?

Shifted does not get involved here and you will still need to manage this with your team.